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Ivy Kids Kit - Marshmallow

Ivy Kids Kit - Marshmallow

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This kit features the award winning book Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry. In this kit you will find over 10 STEAM activities inspired by the story:

  • The book Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry, which is a heartwarming story about a friendship between a cat and a bunny.
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • Story Retelling: Use your hugging cat and bunny to represent the characters Oliver and Marshmallow and act out the events from the story. 
  • Bunny Bank: Use the paints to decorate the cute and functional bunny bank. The bank will make a beautiful addition to a child’s room and a great place to save money!
  • Grow a Carrot: Bunnies love to eat carrots. Use the included carrot seeds, soil, and planter to grow your own carrots. The hugging cat can also wrap around your planter for an adorable decoration. 
  • Bunny Parts: Learn fun and interesting facts about a rabbit’s body parts. Then label the body parts of the bunny by using the pencil to draw a line from each word to the matching bunny body part.
  • Paper Bag Bunny and Feed the Bunny Game: Cut and paste the bunny body parts to create the paper bag bunny. Then use the carrot number cards to play “Feed the Bunny” game. 
  • Marshmallow Bunny Tails: Roll the dice and add a foam marshmallow to the bunny tail with the matching number. Keep adding foam marshmallows, making the tails taller and taller. At the end of the game, the players can compare the heights of the bunny tails.
  • Making 2D and 3D Marshmallow Shapes: Use foam marshmallows to connect toothpicks together to create 2D and 3D shapes such as squares, triangles, cubes, and pyramids. 
  • Marshmallow Constructions: Insert toothpicks into the foam marshmallows to create marshmallow constructions of different heights, sizes, and shapes.  
  • Bunny Tails - Roll and Cover: Roll the dice and cover the matching number on the board with a white pom-pom. 
  • Bunny Poem: In the book Marshmallow, Clare Turlay Newberry included several poems and drew beautiful illustrations. Use your pencil to sketch a bunny and use the word list to complete the poem. 
  • Race to Cover: The goal of the game is to identify each space on the board and cover it with a white pom-pom as quickly as you can. 
  • Catch the Rhymes: Pull back the bunny and watch it go. When it lands on a card, pick it up and find the matching rhyme. 
  • Bunny Race: Players pull-back the bunnies and then watch them go! Use the number cards to measure the distance that each bunny traveled. 
Your Kit includes a guide for each activity to help promote your child’s learning while you play together.
At Ivy Kids, we know that every child is unique. In your guide, you will find tips to
modify each game based on the age and development of your child.
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