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Ivy Kids Kit - Nuts to You!

Ivy Kids Kit - Nuts to You!

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In this kit featuring the humorous book Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert you will find:

  • The book: Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert about a sneaky, nut-loving squirrel. 
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • Squirrel and His Nut: Assemble and paint the wooden pieces to create this nut loving squirrel. The body and tail of the squirrel are flexible and make for a fun toy. 
  • Squirrel Feeder: Use the wooden hoop and slinky to construct a squirrel feeder. Use a food of your choice to fill the feeder such as nuts, cereal, or berries. Hang it outside and wait for a hungry squirrel to visit. (No real nuts are included in this kit.)
  • Nuts to You!: Cut and paste different pictures and materials to create a craft inspired by the cover of the book Nuts to You!
  • Squirrel Cup Craft: Cut out and paste the squirrel body onto the cup. Then cut out a tracing of your hand and paste it to the cup to create the bushy tail. 
  • Squirreling Away Letters and Words: Pick a card from a pile and try to identify the letter or word. If you know the letter or word, squirrel away the card in the cup. If you need more practice with the letter or word keep the card in the pile.
  • Squirrels Race Home Game: Players take turns moving their squirrels along the path while collecting acorns along the way. The first player to get his squirrel to the tree wins the game.
  • I Am Nuts About…:Think about something that you are “nuts about,” something that you love! Then write it on the space provided, color the picture, and paste a picture of yourself on the squirrel's body. 
  • All About Squirrels: Learn some interesting facts about squirrels, then label the parts of the squirrel’s body.
  • Nuts and Letters Board Game:  Players pick cards and move their squirrels in alphabetical order from window to window on the apartment building. Land on a window with a ladder and go up the building. Pick a nut card and move directly to a window with that nut.To win the game, be the first player to get your squirrel out of the apartment building. 
  • Squirreling Away Acorns - Number Stories: Create your own addition and subtraction number stories using the acorns and the Squirrel Cup. 
  • Ways to Make 5 & Ways to Make 10: Place different numbers of acorns on each side of the oak tree to make a total of 5 acorns or a total of 10 acorns. Rearrange the acorns on the left side and on the right side of the tree to determine all the ways to make 5 and 10. Record your findings.
  • Make Your Own Acorn: Learn some interesting facts about oak trees and acorns. Then use the included supplies to make your own acorn.  
  • Where is the Acorn?: Use your acorn to play a hide-and-seek game.
Your Kit includes a guide for each activity to help promote your child’s learning while you play together.
At Ivy Kids, we know that every child is unique. In your guide, you will find tips to
modify each game based on the age and development of your child.
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